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LIW Games

We stream 24/7 live draws throughout the globe, using 4 multi-location studios, state-of-the-art mechanical drums and real, professional presenters.

We make results instant and keep players fully engaged!

Our drums and balls are designed by using a set of proprietary technologies to achieve maximum draw frequency, total accuracy, bullet proof integrity, and optimal durability. They allow for market adjustable odds, automated sorting and OCR technology.

Intuitive user interfaces make betting easy and quick for players, while offering full analytics, oversight and control for license holders / management.

20+ games are market proven to deliver best results with profit margins adjustable to your needs.

We offer multi-channel and multi-location display with customizable design.

Poker Solutions

We support the most popular Texas’ and Omaha’s games with automated gaming systems and detailed tournament creation interface, all fully customizable.

Our proprietary, complete solution technologies include client personalization, adjustable profit margins, multiple platforms, tournament organization and expert integration with step-by-step guidance by our team of experts.

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