The advanced state of Lotto games

Streaming 24/7 live broadcast studio draws with professional presenters and instant results, anywhere on the planet every 1-5 minutes, 24hrs a day!

Lotto games
in numbers

  • 4 studios
  • 20 unique games
  • 3M+ official draws
  • 2000+ daily draws
  • 99.99% uptime

24/7 broadcast with up-to-date draw results

Watch our live stream 24/7 and catch up with current results of every single draw

Integrating LIW Games to your system

Our solutions make playing lotto online truly engaging for the players while spiking your profits and radically simplifying management.

Integrating our complete solution includes:

Physical drawing machine drums, developed with cutting-edge proprietary technology delivering instant results (for each ball drawn), maximum draw frequency, total accuracy and are fully adaptable to your requirements such as branding and betting odds.

  • They include built-in safety mechanism for real-time monitoring and problem resolution in shortest time possible together with 2hrs daily, off-grid inspection and maintenance.

Customizable multi-location studios. By splitting the location of drum machine automated draws and green-key studio broadcast our intuitive solution enables fully personalized experience for the specific market needs of our clients.

This includes two setups:

  • our drawing machine and our presenter(s) (Tier 1)
  • our drawing machine and Your own studio + presenters from Your location (Tier 2)

Studio are

  • Located in Zagreb, Croatia, European Union
  • Open from 8 AM – 6 AM
  • Using cutting-edge video and audio technology
  • Professional grade lighting
  • Green-key technology
  • Fully adjustable to your branding requirements

Intuitive user interfaces for the players and management alike, allowing unobstructed playtime for players and total transparency and control for managers, regardless of the platform (mobile, desktop, tablet, terminal).

Professional presenters, trained to deliver the appealing, refined, and humane experience for the players in fluent English.

Variety of fast-paced games, market tested for maximum satisfaction of players and optimal profit for the license holders/management:

  • Win 5/48
  • Win 7/48
  • Lucky Six
  • Jackpot

Expert consulting and integration, offered by our team of gaming and tech professionals guarantees successful, step-by-step integration of our solutions, helping you reach optimum efficiency quickly and painlessly.


This makes us compliant in following categories:

  • Prevention of fraud and criminal behavior
  • Security of privacy and personal information
  • Theoretical randomness of the results data
  • IT and business security
  • Data archiving and accessibility of results
  • Monitoring of the draws and human resources
  • Staff training
  • Inventory handling and security


Pin Projekt, with our LIW Games, is a proud recipient of the prestigious G2E ASIA 2018 Best Lottery Soulution Award, given to the company with the strongest lottery solution in the industry.