The advanced state of Poker games

Where Expertise joins Innovation

Our unique Hold’em Poker solutions were designed by the in-house team of professional poker players and gaming tech engineers to ensure maximum enjoyment for the players while opening new revenue streams for the clients.

As with all our products, the Poker system’s flexibility enables complete customization and market adjustment, starting with branding all up to customizing personal profit percentages for each game separately.

Adopting our complete Poker solution comes with integration of the management system including our expertise in organization of a standalone or pooled Poker network.

Supporting all the most popular Texas Holdem and Omaha game

Automated reward system

Your players are rewarded attractive bonuses with direct payments on their account for playing in a specific time period. Depending on their contribution and the number of played hands your players can further be gifted with exclusive entry into tournaments.

Tournament creation Interface

Our powerful software solution for tournament organization provides unparalleled ease of use despite its robustness. The detailed interface designed for maximum control and transparency allows you to create and manage various tournaments suitable for any market in just few minutes.

Cash game

All the most popular Holdem games on real money tables with 2, 6 or 9 players are supported in three modes: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit. You can also preset the speed of your tournaments (Turbo, Fast or Normal). Top ratings given to our Cash tables are the result of our agile, exceptionally fast software which makes gameplay exciting and players fully immersed.

Sit & go

Tournaments with the preset number of participants are an inevitable part of Poker. Our software enables you to host even the most versatile variants of this tournament types, such as: Heads Up, 6-max and 9-handed tournaments with variable number of participants.


Omaha is the second most popular type of Poker game as it brings unique dynamics to the poker world. This variety allows players with various skill levels to enjoy the full scope of poker experiences.

Client personalization

User-oriented Interface reclaims the real poker look and the table feel of gameplay. With various possibilities of personalization users can customize table color, cards, chip style, ambience and more.

Multiple platforms

Our Poker Solution Interface operates just as superbly across all platforms: desktop (Apple iOS and/or Windows PC) as well as mobile (Apple iOS and/or Android).