About Us

Pin Projekt is a leading developer of innovative gaming products specialized in merging original high-tech solutions with expert industry know-how to deliver the most advanced state of play to our clients worldwide.

The company was founded in 2007 with the clear vision to service the gaming industry with different lottery and poker products suited for the digital age and fully developed by proprietary technology.

Our pioneering work is empowered by a comprehensive team of game-tech engineers, professional poker players, casino managers and compliance experts. The player-focused approach in the fast-changing digital environment remains our most important springboard for innovation.

By scanning the future landscape of gaming

…we are incessantly evolving the digital gaming environment.

With the two new cutting-edge studios about to be launched, together with augmenting the social experience of gameplay, and robust plans for harnessing the power of the incoming VR/XR/AR revolutions, we do not stop advancing the state of play.

Our team

  • Ivan Grković CCO
  • Vedran Katić COO
  • Antonio Dasović CTO
  • Ana Pinjuh CIO
  • Tina Katanić PR